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Stonemeadow Ranch
Hunting Testimonials


I wasn't sure what to expect, I've never hunted elk before. The lodge was perfect and I loved the food. The staff helped make sure we were ready the night before and guided us during the hunt. It was a real hunt and took hours to get her in range. My Dad and Grandpa were with but I got to shoot. The staff helped me so I knew what to do and I got her in ONE shot! It was fun. I can't wait to come back and hunt again.   

Joe Keyport (age 12)
P.S.I never smile for pictures but you noticed I couldn't stop after our hunt.


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Stone Meadow Ranch Staff;

   I can say I have never been to such a great hunting lodge as the one you all run. I have been on a few trips and by far this has been the best,  not just because of the quality of animals you have and see but because of your hospitality. I took a young buffalo bull and an elk while there and they both were better than expected. The lodge is that of a 4 to 5 star hunting lodge and the reason I say this is, when looking for somewhere to hunt it is not about the 100.00 bottles of wine and the best food that a professional chef can make or paying thousands of dollars to kill the biggest and best animal but it is about the personal connection you make with those people you come in contact with while hunting.
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I can say That I will come hunt again but more than that I know that I have made new friends that I can keep in contact with. Your hunts are amazing and full of challenges and adventures, and the walks aren't bad either. I can honestly say I looked at forty to fifty outfitters before making my decision on where me and my friend should go hunt and at the end the decision was easy it was with Stonemeadow Ranch and their staff. Also not only did we have a great Guide but him and the rest of the staff who films the hunts for you go far above and beyond the call of duty to please their guest while hunting and relaxing. If you plan on taking a hunt for Buffalo or Elk look no further than Stonemeadow Ranch.
Your Friend;
Mark DeMoss


Stone Meadow Ranch Staff. 
    I want to give you my thoughts & comments on our trip to Stonemeadow Ranch following Thanksgiving 2006.  At my age (69) I can say I have seen "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" of many hunting camps & hunting services over the years.  The Lodge, services, food, atmosphere & friendship along with so many great animals that I found at Stonemeadow Ranch went far beyond anything I have ever experienced in hunting camps before.  It has to be in the category  of "The Great".
    Accommodations at the lodge are great & the view of the ranch from the lodge is breathtaking.
Karen runs a great kitchen & all the Buffalo & elk she fed Us was beyond any expectations.
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The weather while we were out hunting was a cool 14 - 17 degrees but with all the walking & stalking we did not really get too cold.  We were there the week the really cold front came through but it did not bother hunting at all & was not any problem.
    My Son Kelly had never hunted a day in his life & had just planned on coming for the vacation & sightseeing & to help Me with the driving.  I had booked both a Cow Buffalo & Cow Elk hunt & offered to let him take the Elk if he wanted.  He came up & shot my ol Rifle pretty good so we arranged for him to take the Elk.
    Our guidet was a lot of help with the stalking & getting us back on animals when they moved. Kelly took the Elk the first day of hunting & the staff made quick work of the field dressing & getting the animal on the trailer.
    The next day I went after the Buffalo & it really took a lot of walking & stalking as I was after just 1 huge Cow & the others in the herd seemed to quickly figure this out & keep her surrounded.  After a bit over 5 hours of following the herd & stalking & setting up with the ol rolling block black powder 45/75 she finally stepped clear & gave me a going away angle & the 500 grain cast bullet quickly did its job.
    Again the staff made quick work of the field dressing & getting the Buff on the trailer.  He got both animals to local processor & taxidermist for us & really went out of his way to see every detail was taken care of properly.
    My wife loved the lodge & the view although she does not hunt.  We got to spend 1 day prior to the hunt touring the town of Custer & another day after the hunt taking in all the major attractions & just playing tourist while the processor finished getting the Elk & Buffalo packaged & frozen for the trip home.
    As an aside to the hunt, the cost of the processing & taxidermy was quite reasonable.  As a matter of fact the taxidermist called just a few minutes ago letting me know he is shipping everything this week.  A 6 month turnaround on the 2 hides & the Buffalo head is quite fast.
    I liked the hunt, the lodge, the atmosphere & the friendship of the staff so well that I am returning this year for the week following Thanksgiving with 2 of my ol hunting partners for more of the same. I have also booked a hunt for next year.
    I had to quit the high altitude elk & mulie hunts that I did for so long as at my age it was just getting too hard on me.  With Stonemeadow at around 4,700' elevation this ol flatland Texan can still get around ok & hopefully I will get many more years of hunting in here.
    Yall come.  You will like it here.
Jim Price
Yoakum, Texas      

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Information on Activities
What else is there to do at the ranch? Hiking and horseback riding are available near the ranch. South Dakota also has seasonal fishing phesant and turkey hunting, and there's excellent whitetail and mule deer hunting near ranch. Tours are also available! We are minutes away from
Jewel Cave, Wind Cave Park, and Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer State Park
and a number of other attractions.